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What customers are saying

Teamflow is incredible. Like an office, but instantly changeable and without the commute. Go get your team an HQ in the cloud 🏢 ☁️
Just had @Altimor speak to the @athelas team during our all-hands using @getTeamflow! This thing is going to become the default for company meetings soon, is a ton of fun.
Teamflow’s spatial audio greatly improves the way remote meetings work. A large group can easily break into small teams for brainstorming and then come together again to share their thoughts with zero friction. It’s really elegant and fun.

It’s improved the quality of our meetings to the degree that it is hard to imagine running creative meetings without it.
I couldn’t be MORE excited for the @getsubly team to start using @getTeamflow! Boardroom in the makin...
UX of @getTeamflow is Fire.

It combines Zoom's virality with Slack's stickiness. Has the potential to be a metal layer for work and collab tools, potential to make remote work fun. What Slack did to email, Teamflow might do to the loathed scheduled meeting.
We want to imitate a real office environment as much as we can. Teamflow provides the tool to make that easy, and on top of that, we’re living by the same social rules that we’d apply to an in-person office space.

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