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What is a virtual sales floor?

A virtual sales floor is essentially a physical sales floor gone digital, where reps gather in a customized space for coaching, calling and collaborating — no matter where they are on any given day. And it’s every bit as interactive as the real thing, only you can’t smell Bob’s bad breath. Win, win!

What kind of teams need a virtual sales floor?

Remote and hybrid reps are rarely in the same place at the same time. One day they’re at home or in the office, the next day they’re in the field. For teams that are nationally and internationally distributed, which is more and more of them these days, virtual sales floors are invaluable for getting everyone together and on the same page. And they’re especially great for SDRs, who spend lots of time alone, dialing and prospecting.

How a virtual sales floor works

It’s not nearly as gamified as it sounds, which is a good thing; you can play Fortnite during off-hours. On virtual sales floors, reps appear as custom avatars or live video in small spheres that can be moved around the floor. Have spontaneous conversations, attend meetings, listen in on a colleague’s calls or get manager feedback simply by “standing” (or “sitting”) next to each other. And when you need to focus, set your status to “busy” — or just log off.

Integrating with your dialers

There’s a one-time install for all the most widely used dialers (Aircall, Salesloft, Outreach), then you’re ready to roll. Broadcast live calls, display your call status, give and get real-time feedback, and shadow more experienced SDRs if you’re new to the game and need some pointers.

Benefits of a virtual sales floor

So many. Live coaching, instant accessibility to managers and fellow reps, group celebrating (woot-woot). And, of course, a virtual bullpen for killer outbound power hours, where reps feed off each other’s energy and learn by osmosis. All of that leads to more opportunities, more demos, more deals closed — and quota that’s not just met but crushed.

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