Unveiling Teamflow 2.0 — the all-in-one collaboration hub for remote and hybrid teams

Unveiling Teamflow 2.0 — the all-in-one collaboration hub for remote and hybrid teams

We couldn’t be more excited to announce Teamflow 2.0, our most important update yet.

Our mission remains the same: build the best place for teams to work together.

Teamflow 2.0 takes a giant step realizing this vision with a new redesign and a complete rewrite of our engine. We've multiplied performance by 5, added iOS and android apps, a shared web browser and more.

We can’t wait for you to experience what Teamflow 2.0 has to offer.

What’s new in Teamflow 2.0

iOS and android apps

The much-anticipated Teamflow mobile app includes spatial mode and text chat.

You can now use Teamflow from your phone and drag your avatar to chat with your team via video or text. This offers in-office, fully-remote, and hybrid employees flexibility during their commute or simply while connecting with coworkers while going for a walk.

Private Rooms

Private rooms unlock a whole new way of using Teamflow. You can now create one room for each of your meetings, allowing access to certain people only.

For example, create a private 1:1 room with your manager that only the two of you can access. Open apps inside such as business dashboards or your 1:1 meeting notes.

Shared Browser

We think of Teamflow as the world’s first multiplayer operating system for teams. This is why apps are always front and center in our product:

Today, we’re introducing the most exciting app on Teamflow yet: a multiplayer shared browser.

The shared browser lets you co-browse the web with your team, with everyone able to control the same browser together — just like they would if they were physically sitting next to each other.

We all know the pain of navigating the web on our own and sending links around to showcase what we’re looking at. Shared browsers cut through this Gordian knot: you just open the link and start browsing with your team, just like if you were in the same room.

Screenshare Pointers

“Okay, now click this button in the top right. No, the other right. On the right. There. The right, Joe.”

As much as we all love this routine, we thought we could do better.

The judiciously-named shared screen share pointers let you share your pointers on screen shares.

Complete Redesign

Teamflow 2.0 introduces walls and customization options like grass, water, paths, and sand. This allows you to create outdoor spaces, game rooms and a full office floor plan.

Face Centering

Our AI camera framing focuses on your face and cuts out the background. Don’t worry about making sure your face is in the middle of your camera frame at all times — we’ll do it for you.

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