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Top Virtual Workspaces for Optimal Collaboration

Remember offices? They’re those places you used to go five days a week (or more) before contagion enveloped the globe. Now chances are you're working remotely at least part of the time, in which case you probably use some sort of virtual workspace to communicate and collaborate with colleagues.

But as you might have already discovered, not all virtual workspaces are equal. Or good. To get the most out of remote work, you need tools that work. And not just sort of or sometimes, but all the time. We’ve rounded up some of the top ones here —those that successfully emulate a physical office by enabling the spontaneity of impromptu drop-ins while eliminating the exhausting formality of video meetings; that integrate an array of collaboration-friendly apps and promote team building.

In this new remote-centric world, co-workers increasingly are separated by hundreds or thousands of miles. The following platforms go a long way toward closing that distance.

An all-in-one collaboration hub, Teamflow has everything virtual teams need to improve productivity, camaraderie and efficiency. Users can meet privately or publicly, use an array of integrated apps for presentations and brainstorming, share their screen during presentations, or just hang out and chat in a customized workspace. No formal meeting links, just fast and frictionless communication with colleagues and clients — whether it’s a one-on-one or an all-hands get-together. After years of being physically separated and bombarded by exhausting Zoom meetings, Teamflow helps re-energize your team and revive the communal spirit of in-office work.

A provider of 3D virtual meeting rooms for up to 12 people and a variety of purposes, MeetingRoom employs VR headsets to create a fully immersive environment. Spatial audio imitates real-life conversation, and there are integrated presentation tools like whiteboards. Users can also access MeetingRoom from non-VR platforms.

Billed as “a digitally native, authentically human workspace,” Pesto allows users to create different types of rooms as well as avatars of themselves that are used in place of being on camera. It’s also SOC 2 Type 1 compliant for added security, features HD and 4k screen share and has an integrated text chat function.

A customizable 3D office space, SpatialChat users appear as spherical headshots, video or avatars that can be moved throughout the environment to socialize with colleagues and attend meetings. Live presentation and screen sharing functions enhance interactivity and improve communication between co-workers and their guests.

Wurkr’s multi-functional virtual workspace can be used for everything from brainstorming and interviewing to classroom learning and team building sessions. Featuring video and audio chat functions, multiple screen sharing and “virtual hops” for cross-team collaboration, Wurkr has everything under one (virtual) roof.

A place for virtual offices and events, Spot aims to “reduce team friction and increase engagement” by allowing users (who appear as cartoon-like versions of themselves) to move freely through its space while holding natural conversations in real time with co-workers and guests. Environments come as ready-made templates or can be created from scratch. Integrated apps, like documents and sticky notes, enhance productivity and communication.

“No links. No meeting requests. No waiting around.” That’s part of how Tandem promotes its virtual office platform. Featuring instant screen sharing, shared cursors, remote screen control and an array of different rooms for different activities, it’s suitable for both spontaneous and scheduled conversations as well as informal social hangouts.

Wonder’s platform replicates in-person dynamics like unscheduled interactions, passive observation of people and things and hang outs with colleagues at social gatherings — all in the name of promoting “a sense of togetherness.” Instead of leaving the office exhausted, users “leave energized.”