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The ONE Tactic that Can Get Your SDR Team to Quota

Leave a voicemail on the first cold call. It’s that simple.

Except it’s not really that simple.

Americans get billions of invasive and annoying robocalls each year — an estimated 2,700 every second. That’s an average of 28 robocalls (and texts) per person per month, at least 40 percent of which are scams. 

When you call a prospect from an unknown or unrecognizable number, chances are very good they’ll lump you into that steaming pile.

By leaving a voicemail — which more than a third of people still regularly check — you’re both setting the stage for a followup call and priming the prospect to call you back. Either way, you’ve already introduced yourself.

But it’s easy for cold voicemails to go off the rails. Here are some rules to help you stay on track:

Rule 1: Never pitch your product or service. Who’s going to buy something from you if they don’t even know you?  

Rule 2: Don’t try to book a meeting. That comes later, after you have a conversation and develop a rapport.

Rule 3: Keep it concise — and vague. Tell them who you are and where you work, but not much more. Maintain an aura of mystery that piques their curiosity.  

Rule 4: Watch your tone. Exude enthusiasm and keep the message upbeat. You have great news to share and they need to hear it!

OK, now it’s time to smile and dial. Good luck!

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