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The Best Spatial Chat Alternatives

As collaborative online workspaces go, Spatial Chat gets a lot of attention. But it’s only one of many similar tools, all of which use spatial audio and/or “proximity chat” technology to better mimic real-life conversations. With their ability to foster informal communication and improve collaboration, they’re great for brainstorming sessions, client meetings and just about any other type of interaction you’d have in a physical office.

Here are some of the best ones out there:

An all-in-one collaboration hub, Teamflow has everything virtual teams need to improve productivity, camaraderie and efficiency. Users can meet privately or publicly, use an array of integrated apps for presentations and brainstorming, share their screen during presentations, or just chat in a customized workspace. No formal meeting links, just fast and frictionless communication with colleagues and clients — whether it’s a one-on-one or an all-hands get-together. After years of being physically separated and bombarded by exhausting Zoom meetings, Teamflow helps re-energize your team and revive the communal spirit of in-office work.

Pricing: $0-30 monthly per user depending on team size and plan. Discount of 20 percent if paid yearly. Seven-day free trial available.

Created for remote work and conferences as well as educational and social events, Gather is a dedicated virtual environment that includes a chat function and is suitable for teams of all sizes.

Pricing: $0-20 depending on length of usage (by hour, day or month) and plan. Educational institutions and nonprofits get 30 percent off. Startups can apply for a free three-month trial.

Built specifically for the education space, InSpace allows teachers and students to more naturally communicate and collaborate in and out of the classroom.

Pricing: Available by emailing

Used for virtual offices and non-work events, Kumospace claims to promote faster iteration and more authentic communication while building a stronger company culture.

Pricing: $0-150 and up. Discounts for annual plan subscribers, educational institutions and nonprofits.

Another option for spontaneous remote collaboration, Sococo also offers a tool for teachers who want to recreate their classrooms virtually.

Pricing: $13.49-$24.99, depending on plan. Free trial available for educational option.

More gamefied than the others on this list, Spot is a 3D virtual office that allows users to meet and collaborate in real time. Just navigate to or within the room of your choice, click where you want your human-like avatar to stop, and they’ll head directly to that spot.

Pricing: $0-17+ per month for virtual offices; $0-10 per day for virtual events.

Billed as “an immersive and engaging 3D world,” Virbela is a highly gamified platform for working, learning and meeting.

Pricing: Call sales at (844) 714-4210. Free trials available.

Another option built to enhance informal communication and facilitate collaboration, VirtualOffice supports hybrid and full-remote office teams, as well as different types of workshops.

Pricing: $0-16+ per month. Free trials available for small, medium and large teams.

Whether your company is fully remote or hybrid, one of these tools can help you and your colleagues get the most out of work — without ever leaving home.