Teamflow July Feature Releases and Updates

Teamflow July Feature Releases and Updates

Here are this month’s Teamflow new features and updates.

Speaker Circles

With Speaker Circles you are able to broadcast your voice across the floor. This was a popular feature request for event organizers and team presentations.

Speaker Circles can be found in the customization panel; it is the first item in the furniture tab. When the presenter places themselves on the Speaker Circle, the rest of the audience will go into whisper mode, where they can talk to colleagues close by without interrupting the speaker.

YouTube Player (Beta)

Share and watch YouTube videos together as a team. When one person presses play, it synchronizes the video for everyone in the room.

To find the YouTube app, click on the three dots in the app bar and select YouTube. You can also press Shift + 7 and then choose YouTube from the list. The app is in beta and we will be polishing it up over the next couple of weeks. If you have any feedback, simply reply to this email!

Mobile Layout Improvements

We have made big updates to our mobile layout and you can give it a try by logging in to Teamflow using the web browser on your mobile device.

Pro tip: full screen mode is great on mobile!

Additional Updates

- Big performance improvements!
- Polishing touches to full screen mode
- Labels are now scale dependent
- Over 100 other bugs squashed in this latest release

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