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Announcing Teamflow's Series A

We’re excited to announce Teamflow’s $11M Series A led by Neeraj Agrawal at Battery Ventures, the legendary fund which has backed InVision, Wayfair, Coinbase and hundreds more. They are joined by Menlo Ventures, SV Angel, Robert Hohman, and Charlie Songhurst.

This brings our total capital raised to $14.9M. We will use the funds to grow the team (we’re hiring!) and fuel our growth.

We believe that remote work is the greatest economic transition since the industrial revolution. 

It’s hard to overstate its impact, on both the economy and our personal lives. It’s opened opportunities to millions of people — no need to move to San Francisco; saved everyone hours a day in commute; and created flexibility such that career and family need no longer be incompatible.

But remote has a problem: it’s making it harder to work together. Relationships and team culture have suffered, with everything feeling more formal and transactional.

We started Teamflow out of the belief that there was a better way to work together, even when we’re apart. A way that keeps the awesome parts of remote, but doesn’t throw culture and happiness out the window. 

A way for remote workers to feel like a team again.

We released our virtual office just two months ago — a space for teams to hang out, work with embedded apps like Google Docs or whiteboards, or unwind with games like Poker or Tetris at the end of the day.

In these two short months, we’ve heard stories of product ideas coming out of chance encounters; of an executive seeing two engineers about to deploy the wrong code and preventing a huge outage; or of people who’d started their job during the pandemic, had never met any of their teammates in person, but felt like they were friends with all of them. 

We’ve also seen our customers spend five days a week, eight hours a day on Teamflow. In other words, we’ve become the backbone to their workday. 

This is a special position for any product to occupy — there isn’t much room in people’s lives for more than a couple of these. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work on one of them.

And if you feel like you would be too, we’re hiring!

Reviewed by James O'Sullivan, Director of New Client Experience

Jamess O'Sullivan has over 20 years of experience building and scaling companies. With diverse experience under his belt spanning everything from to Uber, James is a well-respected thought leader, eccentric, and boundary-pusher who regularly contributes to industry-leading publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine.

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