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A Day in the Life

We hired employee #1 at Teamflow in October 2020 and shipped in January 2021 — going from first line written to shipping in 3 months, with Christmas in the middle.

One big reason we were able to build so fast — aside from locking ourselves into a cave and eating pizza and diet coke all day — is that we built Teamflow in Teamflow.

For 3 months, we never once waited for an email, a Zoom meeting or a Slack message.

We sat in Teamflow all day for what was essentially a 3-months long hackathon.

As an example of how it worked, one day a teammate asked, “how should picture-in-picture work?” Our designer answered, then one engineer, then another one who knew about an API that could save us time. We worked it out in 7 minutes.

In a traditional model of communication, this would have taken days of back and forth over endless meetings.

There’s something powerful about sitting with your team all day. It’s why hackathons, or generally startups, are so much fun. And we’re working hard on making sure we don’t lose this to remote.

And if you’d like to see what these 7min looked like, we happened to be recording :)

Reviewed by James O'Sullivan, Director of New Client Experience

Jamess O'Sullivan has over 20 years of experience building and scaling companies. With diverse experience under his belt spanning everything from to Uber, James is a well-respected thought leader, eccentric, and boundary-pusher who regularly contributes to industry-leading publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine.

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