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5 Tips for Hybrid SDR Teams

Sales reps have never been chained to their desks. They’re in the office or at home one day, out in the field the next. But SDRs are a different breed: until the last few years, they generally worked together in close physical proximity, learning from each other’s calls and celebrating each other’s wins while developing qualified leads to push through the pipeline. 

That’s no longer the case as more and more companies adopt hybrid working models. But there are ways for hybrid SDR teams to feel more cohesive and be more productive, even if everyone’s never (or rarely) in the same place at the same time.

  1. Coordinate In-Office Days: Rather than SDRs trickling in here and there, settle on a couple of days when all or most of them can be in-office for calling, coaching and socializing on-site. It’s a great way to optimize your hybrid working model and enhance team bonding. For out-of-office days, your best bet is to adopt a virtual sales floor.
  2. Remember that each rep works differently: SDRs each have different approaches to their work. Some like the quiet mornings for researching and prospecting, preferring to crank calls in the afternoon and early evening. For others, it’s the opposite. Managers should figure out the best times to check in with reps in order to aid their progress rather than impeding it.
  3. Solicit Feedback: Too often, coaching is a one-way street between managers and sales reps. Ask your team for feedback on a regular basis to determine what’s working and what isn’t so you can provide the necessary coaching and congratulate reps on a job well done. A little praise goes a long way.
  4. Coach Reps Often: Managers should be straight up with their reps about what’s working, what’s not and how they can best overcome challenges. Without clear and regular communication, improvement is all but impossible. (Note: This is much easier to do on a virtual sales floor like Teamflow’s.) Also, don’t nitpick. Three points at a time is plenty.
  5. Limit Meetings: This goes for in-person teams, too, but it’s tempting for SDR managers to overuse video conferencing tools when reps aren’t on site. Resist that urge. Don’t bombard them with Slack messages, texts or emails, either. Figure out which channels are most effective and use them judiciously. Once again, your best bet is an all-in-one virtual sales floor.

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