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By the numbers


of managers prefer employees in the office believing remote arrangements to be harder for collaboration.


of employees want to be remote at least three days a week.
To make matters more complicated, layer in the great resignation, and the balance of power shifting to workers.
And still, while most employees prefer remote work, they are also concerned with diminished networking opportunities, the health of their work relationships, and burnout.

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Teamflow is a virtual collaboration workspace that gives teams a frictionless way to communicate. Where both remote and in-office employees can work together from the same virtual environment, replicating the ability to simply approach a coworker, and enabling informal human connections.


of survey participants report feeling more connected to their team after collaborating in Teamflow.
194 participants


of survey participants state they are happy with hybrid and remote after using Teamflow.
194 participants

“Teamflow has made my experience as a remote worker 10x better. The use of it comes naturally and meeting the team as a newcomer was a breeze.”

Lucas Franco
Lucas Franco
Growth Consultant at Anycart

Teamflow is where distributed teams can collaborate, meet, brainstorm and hang out.

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