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From spontaneous get-togethers to scheduled standups and everything between, Teamflow’s virtual meetings keep the conversation going and the good times flowing.

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Don’t settle for the same old virtual meeting.

It’s far too easy for remote meetings to drag on. From awkward screen shares to distracting notifications, it’s no wonder so many team members find themselves floundering (or completely checking out) on video calls. With one-sided conversations that seem to stretch on forever, the Zoom fatigue is real—and so is the lack of collaboration. But there’s a promising alternative to outdated modes of virtual meetings. If you’re looking to combine the convenience of remote work with a welcoming, collaborative environment, Teamflow is your answer. With simultaneous screen shares, easy embedding, and spatial audio, we’ve designed virtual meetings that will excite and engage your team.

Host spectacular virtual meetings with Teamflow

Teamflow’s video meeting platform makes remote collaboration easy.

Superior Stand-Ups

Designate a regular space for the team standup call on our online meeting platform. Looking to create an open, inviting space that inspires—and preserves—fresh ideas? Decorate with some team-approved furniture and create a supportive, reliable office your team can gather in time and again.
remote team at a virtual stand-upremote team at a virtual stand-upremote team at a virtual stand-upremote team at a virtual stand-upremote team at a virtual stand-upremote team at a virtual stand-up
remote team at a virtuaal all-hands meetingremote team at a virtuaal all-hands meetingremote team at a virtuaal all-hands meeting

Awesome All-Hands

Start the company-wide all-hands call on the right foot when you gather in our virtual theater space. Enjoy intuitive breakout sessions, Q+As, and 3D spatial audio that makes it feel like you’re gathering in the real world. Teamflow makes it easy to accommodate the entire group, big or small.

Extraordinary 1:1s

Customize your office space for private 1:1 meetings with a variety of furniture options, sketch and sharing capabilities, and more. Use our seamless note taking feature for easy communication, and add required documents to the meeting room for easy access. Whether it’s a spontaneous chat or a scheduled discussion, Teamflow creates the perfect meeting room for any occasion.
remote team at a virtual stand-upremote team at a virtual stand-upremote team at a virtual stand-up

Virtual Meeting Tips to Involve the Whole Group

Use these virtual collaboration best practices to boost connectivity—and creativity—across your office.

Create an Agenda

Organize your meeting with an agenda that outlines what’s on the docket. A clear agenda helps presenters remember important details and also empowers team members to bring their A-game to planning sessions and group discussions. Teamflow’s virtual meeting platform comes with a built-in agenda feature for ultimate communication and convenience.

Share Screens

Screen sharing provides meeting participants with a visual focal point so they can follow along easily. But one-sided screen shares can be stilted and restrictive, especially when everyone has something valuable to bring to the table. With Teamflow’s multiple screen share features, you can embrace heightened flexibility and inclusivity.

Foster Collaboration

Remove any barriers to collaboration by designing a frictionless environment from the get-go. With our simultaneous whiteboard and note taking capabilities, team members can edit and brainstorm together in real-time. Riff, revise, and react instantly with Teamflow.

Engage Your Team

Warm up for the group meeting with our creative icebreakers and games. Get to know colleagues down the hall and around the world over trivia, card games, and more. Create a supportive environment before the discussion begins to encourage bold ideas and lively conversations throughout the meeting, and later, in the shared office spaces.
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