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Perfect remote collaboration is at your fingertips.

From spontaneous get-togethers to scheduled standups, Teamflow’s virtual meetings keep the conversation going and the good times flowing.

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The best parts of remote work and a physical office in one place.

The days of keeping track of multiple virtual collaboration tools are over. With Teamflow, everything’s in one place: your office. Find your documents, attend meetings, sketch on whiteboards, join team socials, meet for afternoon coffee breaks, and casually drop into inspiring, off-the-cuff discussions—all on one comprehensive platform.
Every feature of our customized virtual office software is designed to help your team work together smoothly. Make spontaneous connections with our spatial audio capabilities, build customizable workspaces that reflect your brand, and build culture across continents. We’re the all-in-one virtual platform that can help you find your flow.

Your all-in-one answer to remote collaboration.

Spend your energy troubleshooting key concepts and projects—not screen shares and Zoom links—when you connect remotely on our integrated platform.  

Meeting Space

Choose from a variety of meeting spaces to match your needs. Design a cozy corner office for routine 1:1s, or set up a sleek conference space for your next company-wide call. No matter the occasion, build your favorite virtual venues with Teamflow.
Remote team in a virtual meeting space
Remote coworkers talking with spatial audio

Spatial Audio

Create a natural workspace and encourage spontaneous interactions with our spatial audio features––all designed to make it feel like you’re communicating in the real world. Pop into hallway chats or share in-the-moment feedback with a nearby colleague. Our remote online software makes it easy to strike up a conversation with your work buddies. Better yet, it  makes it easy to meet new work buddies.

Multiple Screen-Shares

There’s no need to choose or switch between windows with our multiple screen sharing capabilities. View your best ideas at a glance and discover surprising connections when you bring multiple documents together. Teamflow’s flexible software means that restrictive, clunky video meetings no longer have free rein over your remote work culture.
Remote coworkers sharing screens simultaneously

App Integrations

Avoid the hassle that comes with managing multiple software tools when you choose Teamflow. Our convenient app integrations bring Google Docs, Trello, and Notion seamlessly into your shared workspace. You and your team can enjoy easy access to documents, designs, and data—and clutter-free desktops.
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Remote Meeting Tips to Involve the Whole Group

Use these virtual collaboration best practices to boost connectivity—and creativity—across your office.

Create an Agenda

Organize your meeting with an agenda that outlines what’s on the docket. A clear agenda helps presenters remember important details and also empowers team members to bring their A-game to planning sessions and group discussions. Teamflow’s virtual meeting platform comes with a built-in agenda feature for ultimate communication and convenience.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing provides meeting participants with a visual focal point so they can follow along easily. But one-sided screen shares can be stilted and restrictive, especially when everyone has something valuable to bring to the table. With Teamflow’s multiple screen share features, you can embrace heightened flexibility and inclusivity.

Allow Collaboration

Remove any barriers to collaboration by designing a frictionless environment from the get-go. With our simultaneous whiteboard and note taking capabilities, team members can edit and brainstorm together in real-time. Riff, revise, and react instantly with Teamflow.


Warm up for the group meeting with our creative icebreakers and games. Get to know colleagues down the hall and around the world over trivia, card games, and more. Create a supportive environment before the discussion begins to encourage bold ideas and lively conversations throughout the meeting, and later, in the shared office spaces.

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