Feel like
a team again.

Teamflow is a virtual office for your team to hang out in. Bring back the presence of being in the office, the energy of working in the same room, the spontaneity of hallway conversations — the joy of feeling like a team.

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Teamflow virtual office floor plan with spatial audio and video chat.Teamflow virtual office floor plan with spatial audio and video chat.
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Here’s how
Teamflow works.

You see your video in a bubble on a virtual office floor plan.
Video bubble in Teamflow
You move your video around like in a video game.
Keyboard keys used for navigation
You only hear people
around your bubble.
Video bubble entering the space of another video bubble allowing hearing
This means that when you want to check in on someone, you can just walk up to them. No more back and forth on Slack or Zoom scheduling nightmares.
Co-workers chatting in a virtual office.

Reduce the friction
to talk with your team.

Walk or move to join a conversation just like you would in the office. You can only hear or be heard by people around you.  Teamflow's spatial audio makes for the most natural happy hours, hangouts, or spontaneous chats.

better together.

Lower the barrier to remote collaboration with screen-sharing, whiteboards, scratchpads, timers and coming soon, integrations to your favorite apps.

Remote collaboration with virtual whiteboards.
Control your privacy settings

Designed with
privacy in mind.

You are always in control of what gets shared. Turn off your mic or camera whenever you want — or let them turn off automatically when Teamflow is in the background. Need to focus? Set an away message and lock your space.

Build more
connected teams.

Hang out together

Teamflow is your virtual office, shared only with the people you invite. Invite your co-workers or send a link to external guests to meet.

Hear people around you

Use WASD or click and drag your avatar to move. Walk in and out of conversations just like in the real world.

Feel presence

Open it when you’re ready to start your day and say Hi.  Unlike Zoom, you don't open it just when you're in meetings — you and your team hang out there all day.

Encrypted and private

Carefully built and crafted in the USA. We use 256-bit TLS encryption and call video, audio, and media are protected by AES-128 encryption.

Team alignment

Bring people on the same page. Open apps — to take notes, whiteboard, play games… Apps appear in a shared space, everyone can see them and use it simultaneously.

Meet in seconds

No software to install.  Join in seconds with a simple link.

Bandwidth Friendly

We are designed around optimizing your bandwidth. Up to 8 people on a 2mbps connection.

Customize your office

Design your office how you see fit with custom room layouts, audio zones and furniture.