A virtual office for all your meetings.

Making remote as good better than being in the office.
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Actual customer quotes
Look, we know everyone makes those up. But those are 100% unadulterated, unprompted things our users said about us.
"Damn THIS IS F****G SICK! Total game changer!"
Ada Yeo
CEO, Shuffle
"You guys are in the right direction like CRAZY. We’ve been waiting for this for 10 years. There’s no way back."
Rafael Sanches
CEO, Anycart

Remote work just got a lot more human

Huddle is a virtual office that lets you move around, hear the people nearby, see who’s meeting in different rooms, and spark hallway conversations.

Start your own meeting in seconds. Collaborate together with all your productivity tools. Or close your office door for some heads-down work.

Where your culture happens

Huddle's spatiality makes for the most natural happy hours, hangouts, or spontaneous chats. We even offer games and icebreaker cards to make things less awkward.

Agile workflows

Augment your sprint planning with the Trello integration, and your retrospectives with sticky notes.

Browse the web together

Our shared browser makes it feel like you’re standing in front of the same computer. Everyone sees the same browser, and everyone can control it.

All your tools in one place

Projects are fragmented across too many apps. Huddle brings them together.

Don’t spend your time on Trello or Google Docs anymore. Spend it in the room you created for project X, and where all the tools and people working on it congregate.

An infinite canvas for collaboration
It's never been easier to brainstorm remotely.
A room for everything
Create a room for each of your projects, team meetings or 1:1s. Or just lock the room of your virtual private office to get in focus mode.
Full resolution screensharing
Maximum quality screensharing with no lag. Supports multiple simultaneous screenshares.
Join instantly, from any browser
Or in our macOS app.
Easily pull people into meetings
Bring more people onto the same page. If you feel like someone should be in a meeting, invite them in one click.
Encrypted and fully private
We build in the US — and we really care about privacy.

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