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A guide to choosing the best sales coaching software for your team

Coaching software optimizes sales performance with real-time audio and video, AI assistance, data-based insights, pipeline transparency, quicker ramp times and many other features that ultimately help sales professionals close more deals and make more money.

Here are some good options to check out:


Teamflow’s virtual sales floor enables cold call power hours and live coaching, plus total visibility for managers to see who’s online, who’s on a call and who’s dialing. A one-time install for all your SDRs integrates Teamflow with the most widely used dialers, including Aircall, Salesloft and Outreach. Use it to broadcast live calls, display call status, get real-time feedback from team members and shadow each other’s calls.

Pricing: $20/month per user, 7-day free trial


Mindtickle offers a variety of coaching options, including in-person, virtual, peer-to-peer, 1-on-1 and self-coaching. Which one is right? It all depends on who’s being coached. There’s also a feature that allows managers to coach reps directly.

Pricing: N/A

By capturing and analyzing calls and emails with artificial intelligence, helps weed out inefficient practices and perpetuate successful ones. AI-powered “relationship intelligence” keeps deals moving by highlighting potential pipeline risks and helping reps focus on the best opportunities.

Pricing: Email for quote


Salesloft’s platform automatically syncs with your CRM to provide accurate forecasting as well as detailed information about pipeline health to help guide your decisions going forward. Features include workflow-connected sales call tracking, transcription, analysis and coaching. The Conversation Intelligence feature transcribes audio and video calls so users can study and have a detailed record of their interactions. It also streamlines the managerial coaching process by pinpointing where coaching is needed most, helps enforce best practices and speeds up onboarding.

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Salesken gives reps real-time direction during calls so they can tailor conversations according to each customer instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. The software integrates with a variety of audio/video platforms, has recording and note-taking functions, uses natural language processing to rapidly transcribe call recordings for later study and analyzes calls to highlight what went right and what went wrong. There are also built-in “funnel prediction” features that help reps forecast their sales revenue pipelines.

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Second Nature

With the help of Second Nature’s 24/7 AI coaching assistant, “Jenny,” reps can train based on their managers’ scripts and insights by talking with real-seeming prospects. A score is given after each session so reps can see how they fared — what went right and wrong — in order to level-up their calling game before contacting actual prospects. 

Pricing: N/A


Allego records and analyzes customer conversations. Real-time call data lets reps and managers immediately know what’s working and what isn’t so they can tailor approaches accordingly. Effective techniques of and learnings from top performers are easily disseminated to and absorbed by other team members so everyone’s approach is as optimized as possible for greater teamwide success.

Pricing: N/A has an array of useful features, including: real-time coaching via SMS and Slack reminders that emphasize best practices (among other guidance); AI-driven predictions on deal risks and where quarters will end; and in-depth analysis of “historical patterns” regarding cycle times, conversion rates and current buyer interaction. 

Pricing: Starts at $29/month per user


Managers can’t always be available to listen in on their reps’ calls. That’s where Wingman comes in. With its ability to listen for “customizable cues” and highlight what needs to happen for deals to progress, it’s like the AI Goose to your Maverick. Other features include call libraries, game tapes, call summaries, in-context cue cards and scorecards and leaderboards. It’s all designed for fast and effective improvement.

Pricing: $60-110/month per user