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Teamflow is your all-in-one virtual office where remote teams can collaborate, meet, brainstorm, and co-work.
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It’s easier to work together, when you’re together.

Frictionless communication and collaboration

A single place for virtual meetings, brainstorming and collaboration.

From spontaneous and informal collaboration, to scheduled meetings, and everything in between.
Whiteboards, notepads, and sticky notes.

Whiteboard on a
shared infinite canvas.

Explore ideas with multiple and simultaneous screenshares, whiteboards, and post-it notes.

Feel like a team again.

Organic, frictionless communication lets you talk with your team without needing long chat threads or scheduled calls.
Teamflow mobile app users chatting and using video chat.

Meeting rooms with all docs in one place.

Create dedicated private rooms for all your meetings — from 1:1’s to standups to brainstorming and whiteboarding sessions.

Actually talk with your coworkers.

Walk over to your teammate for a quick question. 10x faster than sending a zoom link.
Walking up to a team member and striking up a conversation with spatial audio.

Distributed teams collaborate, meet, and hang out together on Teamflow.


Collaborate with your team as if you were in the same room.
Collaborating with sticky notes.
Collaborating with sticky notes.


Stand in a circle so it’s clear who’s next and pull up your favorite apps like Trello or Notion.
Standups using spatial audio.

All Hands

Hold your all-hands in the theater with a Q&A line, and a lounge for hanging out afterwards.
An all hands auditorium in Teamflow.

One on Ones

Create dedicated spaces with shared notes for all your 1:1's.
Two team members having a one on one taking notes.

More to love about Teamflow.

Persistent meeting space

Come back to your apps and documents as needed, and only those with access can view.
Configuring permissions for a room in Teamflow.

Customize your office

Design your spaces with default furniture, or upload your own. Or start with one of our pre-built templates.

Multiple Screenshares

As many screenshares as you need — unmatched for pair programming.


Private message anyone or have group conversations in each space.

Spatial Audio

Just like in the real world, walk in and out of conversations happening near you.

Full-screen mode

View teammates in video conferencing style and present your screen or any app with enlarged screenshare.

App Integrations

Connect your favorite apps to Teamflow and open Figma, Trello, Google Docs, and more right where your meeting is happening.


See your schedule and create new meetings from within Teamflow.
“This has made such a difference in our team's productivity, efficiency & mental health.”
“The fact I can chat without scheduling calls is a game-changer. I no longer have a calendar that dictates my schedule.”
“Teamflow is incredible. Like an office, but instantly changeable and without the commute. Get your team HQ in the cloud”

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